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Ost Fraktion


Ost Fraktion

Rock is dead and real socialism is not doing well either.
What’s left to do, if you are a hard left-wing rock musician? Here the options:

Maestro frame

1. Dig ditches - an honorable and rewarding pursuit.

2. If you want to be politically engaged, you can arm yourself with a cell phone and a selfie stick, learn an editing software and produce at least one song and one videoclip per week.

3. Drawing the lesson from DAF and EBM regarding primitive physical music, turn to those who prefer to twerk and hop instead of listening.

4. Talk strictly about uncomfortable political matters and historical events. Maybe, in between dance moves the unfocused dancer will pick-up a message and learn something. Or at least a disappointed comrade will be happy to dance listening to something he approves of.

This is to explain name, logo and character in a few lines.
Vainglorious ambitions? No one.
Sales expectations? Not in a million years.
Integrity? By all means, totally, from music to pictures, to the visuals and videos.
A mask: why? Because anonymity represents that of thousands of forlorn and outraged people.


Ost Fraktion - Born on December 21th 2020 and bound to disappear when themes will be exhausted.

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