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Ost Fraktion

The evil empire

Ost Fraktion

The song is a dark nursery rhyme and a picture of recent events.

Each subject is against its natural enemy: Palestians in daily fear against apartheid, Israelis rationing water to Palestinians, police...Everyone has its natural enemy.

The evil empire is the only one against everybody.

Stalin is the only one who can counter it... Stalin must arrive!



Normal people

Black Lives Matter against the police

All the police against democracy

Migrants against the sea

Israelis against the water
Palestinians against apartheid

U.S. President against democracy

Israelis against democracy

All the police against democracy

Stalin against the evil empire

The evil empire against normal people

Normal people against the police

All the police against the wall

U.S. President against the wall

Israelis against the wall

The Evil empire against the wall

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