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Ost Fraktion

Hunger Strike

Ost Fraktion


The song is a reflection on prizes for killing a Nazi.

The Nazis are Adolf Eichmann and Anns-Martin Shleyer.

The first one, after the escape from Germany through Alto Adige thanks to a Red Cross document attesting the status of statless since born in Alto Adige (false story, maybe provided by the Church), then enbarking  in Genoa, finally settled in Argentina.

The second, smart economist, SS, trade manager in Boemia and Moldavia during  the war, imprisoned as a criminal for a few days by Americans when the war was over, started living a normal life in Germany and became the President of the Federation of German Industries, showing his lack of concern for the requests of workers.

The two Nazis were both  kidnapped, sentenced to death and executed.

Adolf Eichmann by Mossad agents illegally entered Argentina. They drugged him, put him in an airplane and fly to Israel where the trial became a media phenomenon broadcast worldwide.

Anns-Martin Shleyer was kidnapped and executed by RAF (that is Baader- Meinhof).

The prize for Mossad was glory. Not the same for RAF terrorists: arrested, jailed, on hunger strike, they all died in jail in a strange mass-suicide: with dagger stabs in the back and hanging themselves with signs of violence and rape.




Where is the Nazi?

He went to Red Cross
He went to Merano
He went to Argentina
He went to Federation of German industries
Who kidnapped the Nazi?
It Was the Mossad?
It Was the Raf?
It Was the Baader Meinhof?
Who is the nazi?
He’s adolf Eichmann
He’s Hanns-Martin Schleyer
What happened to him?
He went to jail
He went to trial
He was sentenced to death
Now he’s dead
What’s the prize for Mossad ?
What’s the prize for RAF ?
What’s the prize for Baader-Meinhof ?
Promotion, honors, jail, hunger strike


Mass suicide




Ulrike Meinhof

Ulrike Meinhof

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