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Ost Fraktion


Ost Fraktion

 The song had a video: just a compilation of police brutality during G8 in Genoa in 2001 and the dancer was escorted by a pork. In addition, the same day the video editing was finished the very famous italian singer Gianna Nannini  presented her new video: a cartoon where porks in uniform beat a protester on the ground.

Ashtonished by the fate, I threw away the unnecessary video. But the subject is important: there are countries where police still has not identification numbers on helmets and uniforms.

In Europe only 5 nations refuse it: Italy, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Holland and Austria.

For right-wings it would be a criminalization of police; for police it would be equivalent to a fire brand. But for citizens it would be the opportunity to avert tortures, violences, violations of human rights as it happened at G8 in Genoa: offences for which  Italy was condemned by Strasbourg Court and Amnesty International.




Put a number on your helmet!

Put a number on your uniform!

G8 Genoa
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