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Ost Fraktion

October 1946

Ost Fraktion

This is a story widely unknown.

In 1946, when the Second World War was over, a group of terrorists was active in Europe after being wiped out in Israel by the British. It was the Stern gang, or Lehi, specialized in attacks against Arabs and British diplomats and military, founded by previous militants and soldiers of Irgun.

The Irgun was the Israeli militia active against Arabs and British at the same time, known for massacres of entire Arab villages, for kidnapping and  homicides. But when the Irgun during second World War decided to stop fighting UK, some members preferred to continue, putting hopes in Hitler and founded the Lehi or Stern Gang. Among them there was Yitzhak Shamir, future Prime Minister of Israel in 1983.

UK repression forced the Stern Gang to organize attacks in Europe; one of them was the bombing of the British Embassy in Rome.

In Italy, a country exhausted by war, at work for the reconstruction of democracy, hope and cities, Zionist bombs hurt the Allies.





Are you without a memory in the Land of Memory?

03/12/1946 journalism is reborn

04/23/1946 the Piaggio Vespa is born

06/02/1946 the Italian Republic is born

06/13/1946 the king leaves

10/31/1946 two bombs explode in Rome

Two bombs detonate the British embassy

Who did it?

A Zionist

The Irgun

A friend of the Prime Minister

Do you know Gang Stern?

They're those who were friend of the Nazis

Do you know Gang Stern?

They're those who hop in the Nazis

When a land is promised a terrorist always appears

Zionist bombs on Allies

King David Hotel



King David Hotel - Jerusalem

after bombing by Irgun

91 victims

Deir Yassin



Deir Yassin massacre - an entire village crushed

from 150 to 300 deads, including women and children



In 1980 in Israel  has been established

the medal "Fighters for the Freedom of

Israel Ribbon": the Lehi medal.

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