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Ost Fraktion

The Land of Memory

Ost Fraktion

The world is full of Places of Memory.

Every war, every dictatorship, every occupation disseminates through territories a multitude of shrines.

More bloodshed, more sacredness.

It is assumed that shrines teach and inspire people that host them. But this is not automatic, anywhere.

Just look at Israel, the Land of Memory par excellence, a country which looks unbelievably without memory.

The whole Ost Fraktion work is focusing on protecting memory, and this is the reason why quite often Israel is mentioned in our lyrics, as the Third Reich is or Mussolini.

The risk to be branded as antisemitic must not force to silence. This would be only a vulgar pretext.

So much so that this website is proudly built using Wix: a software from a giant Israeli company based in Tel Aviv.
As  it was used, for creating its website, by a pro-Bds  group, “Students for justice in Palestine”: a university group that supported  boycott, divestment, sanctions on Israel. In that case the zionist propaganda activated immediately against them. Same destiny for Rashia Tlaib, an activist fighting the regime of apartheid for Palestinians.

But unfortunately the world is full of places of memory: this is just one example.



Are you without a memory in the Land of Memory?

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