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Jail is a privilege

Ost Fraktion

Ost Fraktion

Sometimes and for someone jail becomes a privilege.

Someone else on the contrary dies before arrival to jail or is executed in jail.

For someone jail is a "ready to use" incarnation of oppression.

And this is what  the Italian NAP terrorist organisation (74/77) thought:

active mainly in the South of Italy, they were assaulting jails and police stations, mainly to put a speaker and send a message to prisoners. They thought jail could become an opportunity for a laboratory of ideas and for enhancing class consciousness. A marxist revolutionary new man could be born in a jail.

NAP was inspired by George Jackson's history: an African-American. Jailed young due to 70 dollar theft, he became marxist-leninist in a cell.

Witness of the murder of two black men by prison guards, he was convicted of this crime and sentenced to life imprisonment together with two other politicized black men (they all gained the name of Soledad Brothers). In his cell he wrote and was able to deliver secretly manuscripts  to his lawyer. A book on ratial segregation was released and the day after he was shot to death in the back by prison guards.

The history of Luca Mantini (NAP) is similar.

He founded his group "George Jackson" in jail; he died in his first action against a bank. His sister Annamaria Mantini (suspected to be a supporter) was shot to death by police waiting for her at home.

Giorgio Soldati is an example of coherence and his history is awful: as a newcoming member of Brigate Rosse, he confessed names and dens to police under torture. Believing to deserve to die, he gives himself up to other Brigate Rosse prisoners: he was strangled in the mess hall. His last words: "be quick"!




Who's behind the door?

Who knocks at the door?

Who's behind your back?

Who's around the corner?

The Jail

Your Killer

Jail is not a safe place

Jail is not a school

Jail is not a laboratory of ideas

Jail is not under the laws

Anna Maria Mantini

Luca Mantini

Giorgio Soldati

George Jackson


Luca Mantini
Annamaria Mantini
George Jackson


Luca Mantini


Annamaria Mantini


George Jackson


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