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Ost Fraktion


Ost Fraktion


In order to win a war the military strategy suggests many actions; not only battles and clashes.

The most famous is  to stand still, waiting for the enemies to run too far ahead and die out.

Napoleon has learned this truth, as Hitler did, when they both dreamed to conquer Russia.

Other strategies used in the past are still in use; even if there is no war they continue to be applied.

Let's look at colonialism which turned into  a new kind of total control, or at slavery  replaced by blackmails (less onerous for slavers): today many wars are fought without weapons.

The only ones who know that they are the targets  are the migrants, because of suffering and the powers engaged in this invisible war, while public opinion don't care.

The public opinion notices it only when their borders are being taken by storm from fugitives, desperates and poors. And which is the political answer of rich countries to this mass of migrants?

Walls. Everywhere. Simple structures, or more complex, equipped with detention centers (as at USA-Mexico boarder); or just a wire mesh. And seas can be easily transformed into  walls: all you need is to criminalise or ban rescues at sea.

In the Middle Ages walls served to protect the innocents, today the bad-guys are inside it.

In another perspective, a kind of self-imprisonment of the culprits.



Take out supply lines
Zar Alexander already knew
Take out food and beasts
Blue soldier already knew
Take out press and media
Goebbels already knew
Take out raw material and oil
Imperialism already knew

Win a war easily just waiting
Dress your 10-gallon hat
Win a prize just waiting
But get ready to build walls
Walls thousand miles long
Thousands miles long
Who’s in? Who’s out? your wall

Take out water and streets

The occupant already knew
Take out memory and history
The winners already knew
Take out dreams and hope
Investment banks already knew
Take out everything you can
The first world already knew

Great Wall of China

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