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Ost Fraktion


Ost Fraktion


Untill 1943 Pietro Koch was a little scammer but the call to arms was the breakthrough for him.

Ambitious and ruthless, Pietro gained the trust of Mussolini and of the S.S. occupying Rome, attempting excellent arrests as the one of General Mario Caracciolo di Feroleto, an opposer to the Nazis and a refugee to the Vatican.

This kidnapping allowed him to fund his personal gang of thugs ready to kidnap, torture and kill opponents, partisans and  Jews.

Mussolini and the Nazis gave him 3 villas for his dirty "job": one in Rome, one in Florence and one in Milan.  The Nazis  of course didn't need other sadist torturers, but Pietro was precious as  he protected them from problems with the Vatican: he was always the one who attacked the churches on behalf of S.S.

His rapid career cost the life of hundreds of people while he was enjoying life  with women and fascist movie stars.  Always smartly dressed, he used to organize parties with actors and fascist leaders in his villas where Pietro showed tortured and jailed men to guests, just to have some fun. Among his guests the movie stars Luisa Ferida and Osvaldo Valenti executed by Partisans at the end of the war.

The interweaving with the world of cinema convinced Pietro to kidnap and imprison the movie director Luchino Visconti. Only the intervention of another star Maria Denis saved the Maestro's life.

In 1945, at the end of the war, Koch was judged for his crimes and defense called Luchino Visconti as a witness as he was released by the gang...But the testimony was a boomerang for the defense: Luchino reported on all the horrors he saw in Pietro's villa.

In June 5th 1945 Pietro Kock was executed in Rome; due to the relevance of the "butcher" the authorities decided to film the shooting and Luchino Visconti was the director.



I want to be so famous
I want to be a star
Please find the best director
Of course,  I know this one

I locked him in the hole
I told him about death
I told him about shooting
He is perfect for my shooting


The film master is ready
For  the shooting at my shooting
The Kock band is gone
My movie will be a big hit
Visconti is ready
For  the Shooting at my shooting
Pietro Kock greets you
Are you ready for the shots?

I want to be so famous
I want the best trial
Please find the best witness
Of course,  I know this one

I locked him in a cell
I showed him a tortured men
I told him about shooting
He’s perfect for my shooting

Villa Triste

Villa Triste (Sad Villa) in Milan

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